Getting ready to build a training plan…

I’ve been thinking I want to take my triathlons to the next level. I’ve done about 8-9 triathlons ¬†mostly sprints and an Olympic distance triathlon but I want to go to the next level. I want my norm to be 70.3’s and the Olympic distance as warm ups to the bigger races. I don’t really care for speed as long as I can finish in a decent time frame. I’ve decided to set higher goals for myself as a triathlete and when increasing productivity usually a plan will help get to those goals more efficiently. So far, I haven’t really used any training methods other than just running, cycling, and swimming. I would basically train when I had time and do what I felt like doing but that usually doesn’t fly when you want to reach a peak. Since I want to push my boundaries I’ve decided to adjust my program and actually build a program.


I am not consistent enough nor can I afford the luxury of having a dedicated coach so I do the next best thing. I buy a book with some structured plans, test those out, and adjust according to my body and schedule.

I’ve decided to go with Joe Friel and his training structure to build my routine. From all the reviews I’ve read, this is the best material to study from and the best way for me to achieve my goal of at least getting to a 70.3 IronMan. Over the next few months I will track and post my plans mainly so I can keep tabs but also to see if posting will keep me honest with my training schedule. As I go through the plans, I intend to share what I’ve learned, the difficulties, and the progress from the program.

I hope this works out and maybe if someone comes across this blog, it will help them to achieve their fitness goals or at least serve to show that struggles to fitness is a shared problem. Hopefully, I can endure and overcome these problems and get to my goal of a 70.3.

New Gear for the New Year…

Updated training gear

Updated training gear

Recently I’ve updated my training gear to the latest and greatest after upgrading to an iPhone 5.

These days I’m using Strava Cycling & Running and connecting that with a wahoo cadence meter and trying out a 60 beat heart sensor. I also picked up a bike mount for my mobile to turn the iphone or galaxy s3 into a bike computer.

This combination replaces my old gear, which wasn’t bad but needed an update. For 3¬†years now I’ve been using the Garmin Forerunner 305.

Garmin Forerunner 305

The Garmin worked great for many years but the interface was difficult to use for my hands which tend to be on the larger side. The small buttons made it a pain to transition between modes. This is a great little device and I would use it if I didn’t want or need to upgrade my equipment.

There were several reasons I decided to switch to an iphone based trainer vs. the Garmin and I’ll list them out.

  1. One less thing to carry or wear
  2. Larger screen and in color
  3. Variety of software – I’m currently running a few apps that help me out with my training regimen
  4. I only have to charge 1 device
  5. I can update on the fly, no need to go to the computer download the information then upload the garmin website.
  6. I can use different devices and have my data roam around – iphone or samsung s3
  7. The sensors (heart & cadence) can be used for different apps.
  8. I’m a tech nerd and I like new gear

These are only a few reasons I decided to upgrade but for the most part, I like to keep up-to-date with technology and I like to consolidate devices where I can. It makes information easier to share and I end up using the technology more since I always carry my phone on me anyways. I’m less lazy to track my workouts with the phone since I use it all the time anyways.

Anyhow expect more posts from me in the future regarding triathlon and triathlon gear. I’m starting to get ready for the season and I’ll probably share some of my thoughts and workouts just to keep tabs on things. Maybe it will help someone but the most important part about tracking is to keep the self-motivation alive. I get discouraged and less motivated to keep tabs on things over time so maybe this will help me be more consistent. I also want a single place where I can track my events and event pictures.

Just a note though: None of this really helps unless you are actually out and about and actively training. Otherwise its just toys that one can use from time to time. If you don’t have the money for it, don’t get it and just spend your time out on the road riding. Your time and money will be better spent, but if you have the discretionary funds available then these are the best bang for your buck options.