Pixelated Handbrake Fix

I ran into a problem with Handbrake and VLC while converting my media library and found this resolution. The objective was to convert my physical dvd’s to mp4 files to add to my HTPC.


Output from Handbrake was pixelated in VLC preview and some transcoder problems. I wasn’t sure if my problem was VLC but for the time being, this is a working configuration.


The libdvdcss file needs to be moved to the Handbrake folder for windows. This works for win 7 64bit.

Reference URL. I mainly rewrote it just in case it disappears!


2 thoughts on “Pixelated Handbrake Fix

  1. Hi! This is the closest to a serious solution I’ve found so far. Anyways, I’m running AcePlayer, which is a newer version of VLC, no handbrake that I know. All my mp4 are pixelated, but run smooth on wmp instead. Do you think I could adapt your fix? Thank you!!

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