I’ve always been described as a wanderer never really sure of my path but always sure of of my destination. I was born and raised in the Bay Area grew up a Thai-American in a community of many different Asian ethnicities. The diversity I’ve been exposed to showed me that no matter what color your skin what culture you come from families with open minds always have open arms. Over the years I’ve grown up in several different communities ranging from Filipino’s, to Chinese, to Mexican. Though I’ve been exposed mostly to Asian culture, I have a respect for all cultures. Culture is beautiful no matter where it originates.

I’ve been involved in technology ever since I was a teenager and have steadily built up my discipline. Originally I was an avid gamer playing time consuming titles such as StarCraft, and Counter-Strike even at one point running a few of my own dedicated servers. I continue to develop my skills in the webspace and I’m constantly in pursuit of doing things better and faster. Some projects I’ve worked on include Flukiest.com, Etology.com, and Ikeo.com. Over the next few months I expect that I will be working on some additional sites while I work on building my Python skills. I’m a novice at best but the language emphasizes everything that is useful in my daily routine.

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