Funkload / Open Flash Charts / Django

In my recent hunt for anything python, I came across three tools that have been pretty helpful in some projects I’ve been working on. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately reading up on and learning about python. I’ve ran into a few tools that are pretty handy to have in my toolbelt for managing systems and building small projects.

Funkload –

I came across a utility called Funkload. I’ve checked out some other Automated test suites but I seem to be drawn to python based utilities. From what I’ve seen I really like the interface and the built in tools that come by default. Another huge plus about the software are the free reporting tools and test documentation that’s generated from XML file from the configuration files. This is truly a great tool. I’m still getting accustomed to it and I’m sure I’ll run into some limitations but for now it meets my needs.

Django –

I’ve also been looking for a tool to build dynamic websites. The one I came across that really caught my eye was django. There’s plenty of documentation on the project and lots of tools for python. One of the more exceptional features is the built in admin interface. It really does make building websites so much simpler. I’ve used Django to build a volunteer database for a project I’m currently working on. The volunteer database will help organize upto 700 volunteers and manage the times specified and their current status within all background checks and paperwork checks. Anyways, the Django framework is easy to use and was a good way for me to get started with python. The django framework takes care of a lot of programming that I would otherwise need to do and it does so very elegantly. I haven’t ran into any limitations as of yet, but I am fairly new to python and developing in general. I hope one day I can rewrite another project I’ve been helping with in Python/Django. I think it’s an excellent tool and I’ve only scratched the surface. It’s even more invigorating that a company like is using django now as well. 🙂 I’m sure support for this framework will grow. I’ve seen some other frameworks for different languages like, cake, symphony, etc. but I like the straight forward syntax of python. Not to mention it is a human readable language, something I’ve been wanting to learn for quite some time. Python also still keeps the ‘P’ in LAMP stack. heh.

Open Flash Charts –

Open Flash Charts is an open source Flash charting tool. Similar to Fusion Charts and XML/SWF Charts this is a simple way to add charting to anything. Although, Open Flash Charts is written in PHP, I was able to use the Python library and get everything working but it did take a little bit of help. The charts look good and the integration is fairly straight forward. I hope to use this for future projects due to the ease of use and cool functionality.

Numenta –

I’ve been looking at this tool for awhile but realize that this is currently out of my league. An artificial intelligence engine that has the ability to learn and adapt based on what you feed it. Once I get my development up to speed, this is definitely an area I want to explore. I can see the usefulness of this tool in so many ways.